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    Related Annotations


      says - Applications using Servlet 2.5, JavaServer Pages (JSP) 2.1, Java Server Faces (JSF) release 1.2 and release 2.0. Use of web.xml, weblogic.xml deployment descriptors and related annotations is supported.

      Does "related annotations" here mean that I can use annotations for my Servlets, Filters, Listeners...?

      Or is declaring them in the web.xml my only option?

      Could you please provide details of the annotations support on the Java Cloud?

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          Michael OBrien
          I am in the process of vetting all injection support for Java EE 6 on the cloud managed version of WebLogic
          So far I have been able to use @ManagedBean (no faces-config.xml tags required)
          I have not been able to use @Singleton, @Stateless or inject an @EJB on my @ManagedBean
          The use of the new EJB 3.1 @Schedule timer bean is not kicking in after cloud deployment either.
          EJB 3.1 Timer @Singleton does not start on Oracle Cloud - works locally

          Also the @PersistenceUnit EMF injection in the SDK example only works because the JPA2 entity .class files are statically weaved (do a diff between your complilation and the distributed .class file to see the instrumentation).
          I am having difficulties using standard ejb container proxy injection that works fine on a local WebLogic server.
          I will repost to this forum when I get non-JNDI and non-XML injected EJB's working.

          thank you