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    Two libraries in OSB

    Paul Vidal

      My scenario:

      We have OSB 10.44 installed on 64 Bit Red Hat OS. Is working pretty fine with a Virtual Library that is configured in an Storage Box.
      Now we have acquired a Physical Storage and we want to duplicate the backups already taken by the Virtual Library into the new Physical Library.

      We have 20 drives for the VTL and for the physical we are planning to have the same to duplicate all backups from VTL. That is being done in case Emergency Failures, so we can restore from Physical Library in case the VTL fails.

      The question is:
      Is there any documentation on how to do duplicate backups.?

      The duplicate backups copy wont be done in real time. They will be done after the backup is finished in the VTL and then will start the copy in the physical library.

      Any suggestion will be appreciated.