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    forms users workstation freeze

    amine khaled ZOBIR

      We have migrated our forms application from to, and since the go-live, we are running in issues. Our users are experiencing freeze (JRE appears not responding). We noticed that when the freeze happen, the users cannot continue their work and close the browser and start a new session.
      On the backend (database), we notcied active sessions with Row lock contention.

      We are not sure if this issue is a bug in forms 11g or JRE.

      Our workstations run XP SP3, IE8, JRE 1.6.0_24

      Appreciate your help.

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          We have seen this issue occur many times in the past with both Forms versions and Do you know if this happens to occur if you are expecting a function such as SHOW_ALERT to be run?

          If the freezing is occurring when an alert is trying to be invoked by SHOW_ALERT, you may need to install Oracle patch 12433970 from My Oracle Support to fix the problem. Make sure you review the README file included in the zip before you apply any patch from Oracle as it contains prerequisites and post-installation steps that must be done before and after applying an Oracle patch. For more information, you may review both http://pitss.com/us/2012/07/10/alert-message-or-submit-functions-in-forms-causes-forms-to-freeze/ and Oracle Support note 1171063.1.

          If the freezing is still occurring after applying Patchset 12433970 or if the freezing is occurring in areas outside of SHOW_ALERT, there is a workaround which can be applied in both webutiljpi.htm and formsweb.cfg (assuming you are using WebUtil). In webutiljpi.htm, you will need to set up a new parameter called "cache_archive_ex". After that, add this parameter to formsweb.cfg and move all jar files that were originally in the archive parameter (except for frmall.jar) to the new parameter and add ";preload" to the end of each jar file in the cache_archive_ex parameter. After applying this, only frmall.jar should exist in the archive parameter for each application you are using (default, webutil, etc.). For more information, you may review both http://pitss.com/us/2013/02/20/forms-application-freezes-on-alert-functions-even-with-patch-12433970-applied/ and Oracle Support note 1328039.1.

          If for any reason that both fixes above still cause freezing issues, check in your database to make sure that there is an index in the foreign key of the child key if it either updates the parent table's primary key, deletes anything from the parent table, or a combination of both. More information can be found in this Oracle Forums post Locking in 11g when migrated from 10g

          You may also want to consider upgrading your Forms 11gR2 environment from to as the bugs noted above in both Oracle Support notes 1171063.1 and 1328039.1 are fixed in Forms

          Scott (PITSS)
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            Hi Amine.
            i had this same problems years ago.
            there are 2 things i did to solve it.
            1.- I detected that when my app updated a table that was used for other users (for example a table where i took the next invoice number), and i displayed an alert or message that need to be clicked by the user, then the database wait until the app issue the commit, mean while any other user that was trying to take the next invoice number generated a row lock. so, now i don't display any alerts or messages (without raise) to users after i updated a table like this.

            2.- i run a script to create missing index, this was making my app freeze for missing index, ths script name is : TFSFKCHLK.SQL , here is some link: http://www.oracle-wiki.net/startsqlcheckformissingfks

            hope it helps,
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              amine khaled ZOBIR
              Hi Scott, Manuel,

              Please note that our database has no missing foreign key indexes. Everything was running fine on forms app server.

              This issue start appearing just after the go-live.

              We have already applied patch 12433970 (which bring April 2012 version of frmall.jar not sure if a new version of frmall.jar is available), unfortunatly it did not fix the issue.

              We also applied the workaround using a new parameter "cache_archive_ex" and it did not fix the issue.

              In forms log file, we keep receiving these errors:

              [2013-03-14T11:35:03.823-05:00] [WLS_FORMS] [ERROR] [FRM-91230] [oracle.forms.servlet] [tid: 24] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 00044lwDMs8ATO4_RTS4yd0004Lk004mDE,0:1] [SRC_CLASS: oracle.forms.servlet.RunformProcess] [APP: formsapp#11.1.2] [SRC_METHOD: fromFrmwebToODL] [FORMS_SESSION_ID: formsapp.2258] [URI: /forms/lservlet;jsessionid=nJQsRBspx0tCVv7TzwGJGyh2GLcy9rwcQT6TXnXlFzS9tGvdH8sY!191299389] fatal error in runtime process: timeout on connection to Java client
              [2013-03-14T11:35:03.826-05:00] [WLS_FORMS] [ERROR] [FRM-93652] [oracle.forms.servlet] [tid: 24] [userId: <anonymous>] [ecid: 00044lwDMs8ATO4_RTS4yd0004Lk004mDE,0:1] [SRC_CLASS: oracle.forms.servlet.BaseServlet] [APP: formsapp#11.1.2] [SRC_METHOD: logConnectionException] [FORMS_SESSION_ID: formsapp.2258] [URI: /forms/lservlet;jsessionid=nJQsRBspx0tCVv7TzwGJGyh2GLcy9rwcQT6TXnXlFzS9tGvdH8sY!191299389] The runtime process has terminated abnormally.

              Thanks for your help.
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                Hi Amin,

                Have you find a solution to this freeze up issue. We are having a similar issue, we have upgrade from 10g to 11g Forms Have applied the Oracle recommended patch but still seeing the freeze up. We have not apply the workaround that suggested after the patch did not resolve the issue. I am also thinking to change Java.exe process affinity to run it on single processor, many people reported that it resolve the freeze up issue.
                If you have found solution to this problem, I really appreciate if you can share it with us. I am running out of option now.