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    Executing Stored procedure from host file

    sandeep l
      Hi all,

      I am trying to execute a procedure from a host file.I don't know where I am doing wrong but the procedure is not executing.
      echo "*********************** Initializing Global Variables ***********************"
      export CONNECT_STRING=$1
      export START_TIME=`date +%m/%d/%Y:%H%M`
      #export DATE_FROM=`date +%m/%d/%Y:%H%M`
      #export DATE_TO=`date +%m/%d/%Y:%H%M` 
      sqlplus -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S -S ${CONNECT_STRING} <<EOF
          set echo off
          execute xxjy_extract_ar_transactions.main_preinterface('$DATE_FROM','$DATE_TO');
      echo "From Date is $DATE_FROM" 
      echo "To Date is $DATE_TO" 
      In my log i can see the From Date is 1-Jan-2013 and To date is 28-Feb-2013 which are my input parameters to concurrent program.But I don't understand why my procedure is not getting called.

      Please advice.

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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
          Please post the details of the application release, database version and OS.

          Is the issue with this specific host concurrent program?

          Did you follow the steps in these docs?

          How to Register a Host Concurrent Program in Applications [ID 156636.1]
          How To Create A Custom Concurrent Program With Host Method and Pass Parameters To The Shell Script [ID 266268.1]
          How Do You Run A Unix Host Script From Concurrent Managers On MS Windows Platform? [ID 412392.1]
          How To Setup A Custom Concurrent Host Program [ID 147455.1]What is the reason of using more than one "-S" in the sqlplus command?

          Please enable trace and generate the TKPROF file to find out what is happening when you kick off this concurrent program?

          FAQ: Common Tracing Techniques within the Oracle Applications 11i/R12 [ID 296559.1]
          How To Trace a Concurrent Request And Generate TKPROF File [ID 453527.1]