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    Metadata Groups in Profiles

      Hello I'm in the middle of a process of figuring something out and I'm a little lost on what UCM is doing.

      Ok so I have a profile with 8 different groups of metadata, and I'm trying to recycle it so it's the same page but only showing groups needed for this new type of item. So what I was trying to do was use the idoc command <$dpPromote("xMetadata:isExcluded", "1")$>, and it does exclude the metadata field from the form (I think it does atleast); but the group header is still there and doesn't hide or show anything because there is nothing there. Now if I was to go to the Type drop down on the Edit Rule Field for that metadata and click them as Exclude from that then the group goes away, but now I can't access it on the full form I'm using. I'm wondering if I'm either missing something (the idoc pdf doesn't really give much on "field:isExcluded", or if there is another way to do this?