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    ADF Not Parsed


      I've deployed an ADF application to a Weblogic managed server, after having installed ADR and applying JRF template to that server.

      When I try to access the application, instead of getting the generated HTML I get ADF source code.

      The URL I'm trying to access is:


      Your help would be appreciated.

      Kind regards,

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          Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
          Looks like your faclets servlet is not being invoked to parse the page.
          Check the settings in web.xml and verify that the application works inside JDeveoper.
          If you are using remember that you need to apply patches to your JRF -
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            Hi Shay,

            Thank you for your comment.

            When I run the application inside JDeveloper (on IntegratedWeblogicServer) the application works.

            I've installed JRF on the server, not Do you reckon that this could be the problem?

            Thank you,

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              Shay Shmeltzer-Oracle
              The version of the JRF you need to install on the server depends on the version of JDeveloper/ADF you are using for your application development.
              see the certification link here: