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    Disabling a specific physical backup

      Hi there!

      I am running on a RAC clusterware 11r2 using Data Guard to push backups to 2 physical standbys.

      One of these backup servers has gone down. It is expected to be down for 48 hours. I am trying to find a way to turn off log shipping to just that specific backup for 48 hours without any primary downtime.

      I have tried logging into the primary server, going to DGMGRL and performed SHOW DATABASE 'StandBy2'; and EDIT DATABASE 'StandBy2' SET PROPERTY 'LogShipping'='OFF'; but it gives me the "ORA-12541: TNS:no listener" error.

      How can I temporarily "turn off" data guard log shipping to just one of the backups for 48 hours (assuming the backup is not accessible at this time)?

      This seems straightforward, but I'm having some difficulty. :)

      Thank you
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          The command :
          DGMGRL> EDIT DATABASE 'StandBy2' SET PROPERTY 'LogShipping'='OFF';
          is correct.

          The other option is
          My concern is this will remove all TRANSPORT and you only want to do this for one location.

          I think I might consider
           DISABLE DATABASE 'StandBy2';
          Best Regards

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            Thanks mseberg! That is the correct command to disable a lone backup. That said, it's been well over an hour now and the primary is still trying to connect to the backup (I think).

            In Cloud Control, Data Guard Admin page, I can see that 'StandBy2' is clearly disabled. This is great. However, the primary database is still being bogged down with "network" wait events. When I research I find that the wait events are "ARCH wait on ATTACH" which implies that the primary is still trying to connect to StandBy2. Do you have any insight into why it would be doing this?

            Normally I never experience any "ARCH wait on ATTACH" wait events.
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              And it suddenly dropped off just now, after a couple hours. I can only hope that there was some sort of lingering process that hadn't expired yet...?

              Thanks again for the help mse