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    SPARC M5000 server is not detecting new disks

      hi all,
      i have a new 2*SPARC M5000 server that came initially with 2 hard drives each, i have installed solaris 10 on it and everything seems to be fine. 2 days ago i bought 4 new disks and insert them inside each server (slot 2 &3), these disks are not recognized by any of the systems, i tried "devfsadm -Cv" "boot -r"... nothing worked for me. but whenever i remove any disk from slot 2&3and put it inside slot 0&1 these disks works (that tells that the new disks are not defected). could there be somthing wrong with the back plane of both the servers? or i have missed something at the OK prompt?
      noting that even i put any disk inside slot 2&3 the disk never blinks green.
      thanks in advance for the help