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    Primary and Standby databases with same name...

      First, I would like to thank mseberg for his wonderful replies on thread: Setting up Data Guard

      Anyway, I am running on Solaris 10 with standard file system layout (no ASM) and I am setting up a test environment using on Linux to mimic our production environment. Unfortunately, we don't have another Solaris environment for me to use, so I am using a VM and running linux 5.7.

      So, my first question deals with our existing configuration where the primary and standby databases have the same ORACLE_SID.
      The service_names and db_unique_name are same as the ORACLE_SID except they are suffixed with DG1 (on primary) and DG2 on standby).
      In order for me to mimic this type of setup, are there any good instructions for this.
      All the instructions I find use separate ORACLE_SIDs for primary and standby.

      Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.