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    Weblogic Server cannot find Service accounts  in my MSAD via LDAP

    Benjamin Finkel

      I've configured an LDAP security provider in my WebLogic server but it's only finding some of my users, not my "service account" users.

      The users are found in the following locations in the tree:


      So I configured the LDAP provider with the following settings:

      User Base DN: OU=Accounts,DC=dev,DC=mtb,DC=com
      All Users Filter: (blank)
      User from Name Filter: (&(cn=%u)(objectclass=user))
      User Search Scope: subtree
      User Name Attribute: cn
      User Object Class: user

      But it cannot find users in the "Service" node, only users in the "Users" node. Both users have CN=, and "user" as part of their objectClass string. Any idea what I might be missing?

      Thank you,