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    Oracle Tutor output view

    Simbu Selvam
      Hi All,

      I am using the Oracle Tutor 14.0 for my development work. When i published my Author files i am getting the output having the 3 different tabs like INTRODUCTION, TASKS, FLOWCHART. To view the content in this HTML file i need to click on each Tab. But in some Test instance in my company have that HTML files, that are showing all these contents in the same page i.e it does not have any tabs which i mentioned above.

      Can you kindly let me know how to convert the Author files without Tabs (Introduction, Tasks, Flowchart).

      Simbu Selvam.
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          Tutor 12.2 introduced Oracle's standard tabbed layout for HTML output with special feature links.

          The Tutor HTML web page output has been updated as follows:
          • Oracle's standard tabbed format allows viewers to quickly move between the introductory section, the tasks, and the flowchart.
          • Tabs open to an "outline" view with ability to expand desired sections
          • Tutor Publisher adds a link to the Desk Manual Index in each Tutor document, allowing the user to immediately access the list of desk manuals.
          • An accessible and printable format is available in each HTML document via a link in the upper right corner.

          To create non-tabbed HTML output in Tutor 12.2/14 you will need special css files for the HTML folder.

          You can download a patch from Oracle support - https://support.oracle.com
          It contains a css and instructions that allow you to view Tutor html files without the tabs.