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    IDM Design


      My enterprise web application are deployed on weblogic_host1. , OHS1

      My IDM will be on different weblogic_host2,OHS2

      How many webgate i required and if only 1 than Where should i installed that webgate ?

      Also Do I need to do any integration stuff to link both weblogic ?

      Please Help
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          webgate is installed on OHS (your application). This webgate is registered with OAM server.
          Once you register your webgate with OAM server it will protect the resources hosted on the OHS server (your application)
          I read IDM server as the Identity and Access Management server, here it is OAM.
          Hope this helps, if not post your query- we have similar setup.
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            Thanks 970711.

            My first question is clearn now. i have to install webgate at application side and register at OAM.

            My Second question was : where do i need to configure provider ? in Application weblogic or IDM weblogic ?

            Help Appreciated
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              Provider is whatever the OAM is configured with. By default OAM comes with its local embedded weblogic authentication.
              So your app will be protected by this authentication mechanism.
              You can change the provider, see following link
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                Hi 970711,

                Let me once again:

                my IDM has weblogic,provider configured,OHS1.

                Now My Application is deployed on another weblogic,OHS2. wanted to check do i must have provider in this weblogic ?