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how save specific Block data

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form have two block A and B

i change data in block A and B

if i want UPDATE data IN block A

AFTER commit,A&B all change,
Why only change data in A block ?????

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    HamidHelal Guru
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    It could be possible to commit only one block, but it is a complicated method.

    You have to create form-level ON-INSERT, ON-UPDATE and ON-DELETE triggers, then test inside if the curent block can store changes or not.
    Something like this (ON-INSERT trigger):
    if :system.cursor_block = 'the_block_to_commit' Then
         insert_record ;
    end if ;
    Hope this helps


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    FrançoisDegrelle Oracle ACE
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    The question is not clear. You want to commit changes in block A but not in block B ?

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    In a form you have Block A & Block B. By Default COMMIT at Form level Fires when user pres SAVE button. THis will save all pending transaction on both block.

    this is Oracle standard.

    In case for any specific reason , say example, you have modified Block A , and BLOCK B- but want to Save only BLOCK B- Then write commit code on key Commit - on BLOCK B-
    In BLOCK A- KEY -Commit - Enter as 'NUll'

    But this is advisable solution. either you did not undersand the Oracle Form concept or you should redesign forms.

    Hope you understood


    orm have two block A and B

    if i want commit block A,how save specific Block data???
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    Andreas Weiden Guru
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    When you create a form you should make sure that the whole form can be saved as one transaction (all or nothing). If you have to independant blocks, you should build two independ forms-modules.


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