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    simple but complete good practices example?

      Could you guys post simple example how to connect, invoke oracle procedure and handle errors in VB.NET? I'm very beginner in the subject and I would like to see some good practices example to analyze. I will be using Visual Studio 2010. Is there anything else that should be installed to work with Oracle? I would appreciate your answers. Let's assume that on oracle the following procedure exists:
      create or replace procedure test
        user_exception exception;
        user_exception_v number := -20999;
        pragma exception_init( user_exception, -20999 );
        if dbms_random.value <= 0.5 then raise DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX;
        else raise ZERO_DIVIDE;
        end if;
        when ZERO_DIVIDE then raise_application_error( user_exception_v, 'user exception raised because of: ' || sqlerrm );
        when others then raise;