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    Diff between WeblogicCluster and WeblogicHost parameter in httpd.conf


      <Location /ABC>
      SetHandler weblogic-handler
      WebLogicCluster X.X.X.X:7001
      DynamicServerList OFF
      Debug ERR
      WLLogFile G:/ApacheLogs/wl_proxy_admin.log
      WLTempDir G:/ApacheLogs

      Our application is deployed in weblogic cluster.Three servers mapped into cluster.

      I have specified only one server(A) in apache httpd.conf <Location> tag to redirect from apache to weblogic and not specified other two servers(B & C). Dynamicserverlist is off.

      Whether the request will go to B & C in peak time?

      what is the difference between WebLogicCluster and WeblogicHost parameter?