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    Edit Plugin Observation

    Ken Waters
      1154704 - Edit Plugin Version - Build March 18, 2012

      Hi all,

      Was hoping to get some insight on 2 issues today.
      The first is mentioned in a prior thread in this forum involving the auto-capitalization of generated fields. The user would select a generated field, then as the user moves to the next field or clicks off, the text would auto-capitalize. I read a mentioning that this was a bug. Would anyone happen to know if this was addressed or perhaps a work-around was found. ( no masks are attached and the field type is multi-line text. )

      More importantly, I have a discrepancy issue between various users involving field selection inside the plugin.
      1 user is able to select and edit a field containing DAL generated text, while another user cannot. I was wondering... are there privilege settings for the edit plugin? If so that would certainly be the issue here. Otherwise, i'm stumped...

      Thank you all in advance!
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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          I don't know what you exactly mean by auto-capitalization, but it sounds to me like you have the field type set to use the "Uppercase" field type. When choosing the field type, there is Alphanumeric and Uppercase Alphanumeric. If you pick the latter, the data will be capitalized after entry. It's either that or you have a DAL script associated with the field that is performing the uppercase.

          As for your second question, I do not believe there is any field-level user security. The difference would have to be how the fields are mapped. Fields can be set to no-edit and even DAL can protect or unprotect a field. Fields that are propagated (at Form or Form Set scope) cannot be edited. It is assumed that you have to return to the original (usually first) entry of that field and it would be editable. There are a couple of other methods that might set the field to protected, but none of them would be related to the user rights.

          So, it would take more information to know exactly what you are seeing.
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            Ken Waters
            Thank you for the response.

            It turns out the first issue was a bug in studio. It was successfully patched with a separate file provided by Documaker.

            The second issue I am going to let rest till I see it again. Perhaps I was having difficulty with our system the day I posted but I don't see anything wrong now.
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              Bryan Burr-Oracle
              Please post the bugdb number for this issue and please mark this question answered.