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    Human Workflow Auto-Reply Notification

      Hi Experts,

      I am working on Human Workflow Project in SOA Suite

      We have a requirement to disable Human Workflow's AUTO-REPLY notification (as mentioned below). Please can you advice how to disable this auto-reply notification

      *Oracle Human Workflow Service
      Your response to notification could not be processed due to an error. Login to worklist application to act on pending tasks. Contact your system administrator if you need more information about the error.
      Error encountered while processing notification response :
      Invalid action on workflow task or user does not have privilege to perform this action. Action APPROVE on task XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX cannot be performed by XXXXXX. Make sure that the action is valid with respect to the current state of the task or ensure that the user has privilege to perform this action on the workflow task.
      This message was automatically generated by Human Workflow Mailer. Do not reply to this mail.*