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    informatica installation problem

      Need help

      while i am doing node configuration during informatica installation i am getting
      following error

      The installer could not create the domain. Correct the error below and
      select Retry. You must successfully create the domain to continue the

      STDERR: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
      com/informatic a/pcsf/common/exception/PCSFException
      Exception in thread "main"
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          verify that the jars had been created at $PMRootDir\Business Objects (windows) /
          $PMRootDir/businessobjects (unix).

          1. From the Informatica Server Task Developer workspace, double-click the
          2. Click the Properties tab in the Edit Task window.
          3. In the Java Classpath attribute, enter the jar paths values.
          $PMRootDir\Business Objects\DQM_Link.jar;$PMRootDir\Business
          Objects\UniversalConnector.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\axiom-api-
          1.2.5.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\axiom-impl-1.2.5.jar;$PMRootDir\
          Business Objects\axis2-kernel-1.3.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\
          commons-codec-1.3.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\commons-httpclient-
          3.0.1.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\commons-logging-
          1.1.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\rtsClient.jar;$PMRootDir\Business
          Objects\stax-api-1.0.1.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\
          UCDataPlayer.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\wsdl4j-
          1.6.2.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\wstx-asl-3.2.1.jar;$PMRootDir\
          Business Objects\xalan-2.7.0.jar;$PMRootDir\Business Objects\
          Best reggards,
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            Hi Chandan,
            how did you solve the issue?
            even I am getting same error while creating domain during the Informatica 8.6.0 installation
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              this is not a Java problem and the the original poster might not be here anymore after three years. Please try to find a forum which is related to Informatica.
              Mod: I'm locking this thread.