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    dbms_scheduler.put_file Function

      Hello everyone,

      I want to copy a file from server to my client machine. Can I use dbms_scheduler.put_file for this action. And if your answer is yes how can I do this.
      Or your answer is no why can' t I do and how can I copy file from server to my client?

      Thank you all very much.
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          Probably yes. It is new feature of 11R2 I never saw this function before.
          Check documentation for details.
          But in general you DB server must have access to you client machine via network -> you have to create some shared network folder on you local machine and make it accessible for user under which DB is running on your server.
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            I have created a shared folder and all users on network can acces this folder. For example in my server I can copy a file with using command prompt, but I can' t do this with using database.
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              See this doc example http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e25494/dfiles008.htm#ADMIN11439
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                Thank you for reply, but I read it that link before. And I don't be able to copy still.

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                  Hi Siyah -

                  Here is a example of a job I use to copy files on our UNIX server:

                  dbms_scheduler.create_job (
                  job_name => 'JOB_COPY_FILE',
                  job_type => 'EXECUTABLE',
                  job_action => '/bin/cp',
                  number_of_arguments => 2,
                  credential_name => 'COPY_FILE_CREDENTIAL');

                  job_name => 'JOB_COPY_FILE',
                  argument_position => 1,
                  argument_value => '/from_directory/myfile');

                  job_name => 'JOB_COPY_FILE',
                  argument_position => 2,
                  argument_value => '/to_directory/myfile');

                  The UNIX user set up for the Oracle Database does not have access to the directories, so a CREDENTIAL has been set up using a different UNIX user which does have this access. This is a security feature which allows us to limit access to the UNIX server.

                  This is not exactly what you are asking for ... but maybe you can modify it to meet your needs. Is there a UNIX command that would let you copy from the server to your client? All I can think of is FTP

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                    Thank you for reply.
                    I am a little bit busy nowadays but I will try your comment when I have a time.