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    Forum Moderator Response Please

    Roddy Rodstein
      Greetings Forum Moderator,

      Could you please explain why you remove my post/response to ovm 2.2 hard partitioning and licensing - getting my head around it! and why you did not remove the other response to ovm 2.2 hard partitioning and licensing - getting my head around it!

      Please let me know why you remove all of my posts with links to my book and blogs, and why you allow other to post links to other content, i.e. from oracle, hp, other blogs, etc... but you always remove my posts with links to my book, blogs, etc....

      Thank you for your support and great work with this forum!

      Roddy Rodstein
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          You cross-posted the identical question.
          You have been a participant in these forums long enough to know better.
          Multi-posting serves no purpose other than to fragment responses all over the place as time passes. Future readers never get a complete understanding of whatever you were hoping to learn.

          As with regards to the book(s) and blog(s):
          You also have been advised a number of times in the past that self-advertising of your book is against the terms-of-use for the site, particularly when such forum replies are essentially something like:
          "Yes, I know a great answer for your issue but you need to get my book to get that answer."
          You are reminded (again) to review section 6J of the site's Terms Of Use:

          If you need to promote the commercial part of yourself, I suggest you employ an advertising agency.
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            Roddy Rodstein
            Thank you for the clarity and your detailed response!
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              My frustration with people that paste incomplete responses
              ... and it's not just those few posts of yours but from a number of other people throughout all the many sub-forums...

              is that people post a question and hope for guidance.
              Responses are hopefully given so that the original poster and ANYONE ELSE that reads the thread in the future can get the assistance with what might be phrased as one-stop-shopping -- right there in the forum thread.

              Your forum reply might prompt other people to recall an additional tidbit of help and they will add their reply to a thread and so on, and so on. In the end there is an almost complete solution to whatever issue prompted the initial post.

              Think of these community forums as an imitation of a helpdesk from a support structure of a complex technical company. The sum total of all the thousands of posts and tens of thousands of replies create a knowledge base that complements the official knowledge base of the company.

              I do look forward to you contributing to that knowledge base.