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New to BIAPPS- Getting Error while loading HR PAYROLL

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I am installing BIApps for the first time on a Linux system, and have ensured all parameters to be set correctly as per the prescribed document.

- DAC is up and Running
- DB is running
- Informatica service is running

I have chosen the HR Payroll as part of my POC and am trying to run a Full Load for it, while doing so I got this error. Could anyone please tell me what could have gone wrong here?



2013-03-14 19:43:58.206 INFORMATICA TASK:SDE_ORAR1212_Adaptor:SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad:(Source : FULL Target : FULL) has started.

ANOMALY INFO::: Error while executing : INFORMATICA TASK:SDE_ORAR1212_Adaptor:SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad:(Source : FULL Target : FULL)
Irrecoverable Error
Error while contacting Informatica server for getting workflow status for SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad
Error Code = 36331:Unknown reason for error code 36331
Pmcmd output :


Informatica(r) PMCMD, version [9.0.1 HotFix2], build [242.1111], LINUX 64-bit
Copyright (c) Informatica Corporation 1994 - 2010
All Rights Reserved.

Invoked at Thu Mar 14 19:44:19 2013

Connected to Integration Service: [BI_IS].
Integration Service status: [Running]
Integration Service startup time: [Mon Mar 11 18:38:00 2013]
Integration Service current time: [Thu Mar 14 19:44:20 2013]
Folder: [SDE_ORAR1212_Adaptor]
Workflow: [SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad] version [1].
Workflow run status: [Failed]
Workflow run error code: [36331]
Workflow run error message: [WARNING: Session task instance [SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad] failed and its "fail parent if this task fails" setting is turned on. So, Workflow [SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad] will be failed.]
Workflow run id [8].
Start time: [Thu Mar 14 19:43:59 2013]
End time: [Thu Mar 14 19:44:02 2013]
Workflow log file: [u01/oracle/informatica/server/infa_shared/WorkflowLogs/SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad.log]
Workflow run type: [User request]
Run workflow as user: [Administrator]
Run workflow with Impersonated OSProfile in domain: []
Integration Service: [BI_IS]
Disconnecting from Integration Service

Completed at Thu Mar 14 19:44:20 2013


Re-Queue to attempt to run again or attach to running workflow
if Execution Plan is still running or re-submit Execution Plan to execute the workflow.

(Number of retries : 1)

pmcmd startworkflow -sv BI_IS -d -u Administrator -p **** -f SDE_ORAR1212_Adaptor -lpf /u01/oracle/informatica/server/infa_shared/SrcFiles/FlatFileConnection.DataWarehouse.SDE_ORAR1212_Adaptor.SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad.txt SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad

2013-03-14 19:44:20.443 INFORMATICA TASK:SDE_ORAR1212_Adaptor:SDE_ORA_Flx_ListTmpLoad:(Source : FULL Target : FULL) has finished execution with Failed status.



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