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    Transaction import error

      We are importing transactions for a project which uses employees from 2 different countries: US and Canada. The project belongs to the Canadian Org e.g. the project functional currency is CAD. The transactions are sent to the pa_transaction_interface table as follows:

      - for Candian employees, it has CAD in the denom_currency_code (e.g. transaction currency)
      - for US employees it has USD in the denom_currency_code (e.g. transaction currency)

      We have 2 transaction sources:
      Labor transactions Non Labor transaction

      All the labor transactions are being imported successfully, all the non-labor transactions for US employees are getting an error. Rejections reason: 'Transaction and functional currencies must be the same' or PA_DENOM_ACCT_CURR_DIFF

      What is the reason for this error?