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    B2B Email - Agreement Not found - FromTP null

    Venkatesh Ramasamy

      I am trying to read an xml file from an email box (IMAP) (Inbound), I have the Document Definition, Trading Partner, Agreements created. The Listening Channel is getting the file from the mail box, identifies the document type and fails with the error, +"Agreement not found for trading partners: FromTP null, ToTP abcCompany with document type PortalInventoryUpdate-v1.0-INBOUND."+.

      This is the first time I am configuring B2B for Email transport, looks like I am missing something. Could some one point me to what is missing or the correct way of achieving an Email Transport of an XML file.

      Here is the info from the B2B instance: I am seeing that the sender information is blank, not sure how the sender information is populated.

      Id     0A01283313D6FCCA57E0000019DE6401
      Message Id     0A01283313D6FCCA4F90000019DE63FD
      Refer To Message     Refer To Message
      Sender Type     
      Sender Value     
      Receiver Type     Generic Identifier
      Receiver Value     TestIMAP@abc.com
      Receiver     abcCompany
      Agreement Id     
      Document Type     PortalInventoryUpdate
      Document Protocol     CustomXML
      Document Version     
      Message Type     REQ
      Direction     INBOUND
      State     MSG_ERROR
      Acknowledgement Mode     NONE
      Response Mode     ASYNC