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    Problem in Active Directory Connector Installation

    Hanuman Thota
      Hi Guys,
      I have created one UDF in OIM 11G R2 called "ObjectGUID". Then we are trying to install Active Directory Connector. While loading the connector it is throwing exception like "import failed for entity ObjectGUID.Which is of type Attribute Definition".After that i removed that UDF in XML file of AD Connector and tried to install the connector again. This time it is installed successfully.But when I run Organization or Group Lookup Recon it is throughing error like
      "org.identityconnectors.framework.common.exceptions.ConnectorException: java.io.EOFException".

      And one more thing can i remove the Custom UDF from form designer of user? If we can how to do that?

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Vamsi Krishna
          You need not create UDF "ObjectGUID" for AD before the installation. It will be automatically get created when you run the installation of connector.
          The exception that you face now is not related to the UDF field, it can be due to the username that you specified in the AD IT resource might not have enough permissions to execute the reconciliation of groups or can also be because of invalid it resource specified in the schedule job that you are running for reconciling groups or organizations.