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    How to delete requests from OIM 11g R1?


      We have some requests that were created in production environment while the SOA environment were not configured correctly, so some are with failed state, some were tests that were completed successfully. So now the client will soon be audited, and they asked to delete all those failed and tested requests from the system.
      I couldn't find an API to do this, I was trying to mount a SQL direct on the Database do delete them.

      I separated these tables:

      But I saw that when the request is completed the request_key is marked on OBI, OSI, OTI.. and so on..

      Does anyone had passed through this? Do you have any suggestion on the best way to do it?

      Thanks for replying..
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          Instead of trying to clean in from the db, you can login into EM and right click on the failed ones and terminate/delete or retire the requests. I won't recommend trying to do anything with the db. Also since they are in failed state, why be bothered about it?

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            Hi Bikash,

            Thanks for the answer.
            There are some requests that were tests and are in a completed state. I couldn't see how to delete a request in EM, there I can only see Instances of SOA composites without reference to the request_key on the main search and many of our requests have 2 workflows levels, that means, two SOA composites instances, and are more than one year old.
            Any other sugestions?