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    live upgrade process

      Hello Guys,
      I am a little confused about the first step in the live upgrade process. I will be glad if someone can clarify this for me.

      The pre-live upgrade patch, when do you add this patch to the OS you want to upgrade?
      1. before creating the new boot environment? or
      2. after creating the new boot environment?

      Also, the live upgrade packages (SUNWlucfg, SUNWlur & SUNWluu ) from the OS you are upgrading to, are they contained in the pre-patch or do you have to add them separately from the OS DVD image?

      Thanks guys
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          Cross-posted to at least one other forum web site:

          You could have been considerate and mention that fact by pasting a link to the other posts. Then people wouldn't spend effort that turns out to duplicate whatever you may be told elsewhere.

          ... poor etiquette.
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            Thanks for the feed back. However, when I was admitted in a hospital, I had two doctors examine me. When I asked why? They said " two heads is better than one."

            To you it maybe poor etiquette , to me is getting several opinions.

            Thanks anyway.
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              All you had to do was paste a link into your thread to let everyone be aware of the multiple postings.

              The lack of such a link is what I referred to as your slip in forum etiquette.

              This site is a user-to-user forum. No one here gets paid to respond to your forum postings. They choose to make an effort to assist and if that effort turns out to be duplicated by others elsewhere then that is a waste of their effort.
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                Thanks for pointing that out to me. I will definitely do as you have pointed out to me. Forgive me for my poor etiquette.

                Thanks again