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    weblogic performance is not good

      My production weblogic server is using 86% of memory on average. Total available memory is 16052 MB. Average heap utilization is 63%. Max available heap is 4096MB.

      The server logs are like this:

      INFO ][memory ] [OC#2766] 314272.564-314273.085: OC 4150529KB->1202862KB (4194304KB), 0.521 s, sum of pauses 490.122 ms, longest pause 490.122 ms.
      [INFO ][memory ] [OC#2767] 314319.872-314320.400: OC 4152217KB->1205263KB (4194304KB), 0.528 s, sum of pauses 494.698 ms, longest pause 494.698 ms.
      [INFO ][memory ] [OC#2768] 314382.769-314383.244: OC 4151456KB->1173333KB (4194304KB), 0.475 s, sum of pauses 443.289 ms, longest pause 443.289 ms.
      [INFO ][memory ] [OC#2769] 314421.198-314421.703: OC 4144647KB->1200934KB (4194304KB), 0.505 s, sum of pauses 466.007 ms, longest pause 466.007 ms.
      [INFO ][memory ] [OC#2770] 314465.262-314465.708: OC 4144943KB->1177467KB (4194304KB), 0.446 s, sum of pauses 413.489 ms, longest pause 413.489 ms.
      [INFO ][memory ] [OC#2771] 314505.787-314506.266: OC 4138993KB->1190953KB (4194304KB), 0.479 s, sum of pauses 448.722 ms, longest pause 448.722 ms.

      And some of the current setting are like this:
      -Xnohup -Xgc:parallel -Xms4096m -Xmx4096m -XXtlaSize:min=2k,preferred=256k -XX:+UseNewHashFunction
      -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:+CrashOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:+HeapDumpOnCtrlBreak -Xverbose:memory -Dweblogic.log.StdoutSeverity="Debug"

      The performance of the server is slow. Should increase the memory? Should I crease the heap? What can I do?


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