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    Req: Clarification of some senarios wrt 9i DBA OCP retirement wrt training:

      I can see the the 9i DBA OCP retirement will probably come as a shock to some people who a have started and not completed this certification.

      While most will have dropped by the wayside; others may have had a reasons such as family, work or sickness reasons that have stalled their progress. I am also of the belief a substantial amount of cheating probably occurred on this track, though there are probably a few genuine DBA practitioners who may be caught out.

      The 9i DBA OCP is obviously obsolete; the only practical value really is for people to be able to upgrade to 11g/12c DBA OCP via 1z0-055(+1z0-060) without additional authorized training, which may be a substantial cost reason for some if an employer will not pay for their training.

      The situation of the the person who has not passed any one of 1z0-007(or alt)/1z0-031/032/033 by retirement date (31JUL2013) is totally clear. They will not receive 9i DBA OCP. Ever.

      However I can think of two situations which may be less clear where training was not registered before 31JUL2013: (and also an id merge situation).

      Case 1:

      Myfanwy has completed an authorized WDP 9i training course in July 2009.
      She passed her 1z0-007/031/032/033 exams during the rest of 2009; and duly received her 9i DBA OCA certification.
      .... she however did not submit her training for verification and therefore is not and has not been awarded a 9i DBA OCP.

      Let us say on 30sep2013 (after the 31jul2013 retirement) she finally gets round to submitting (or trying to submit) her training for verification
      ...... Will it be accepted and she be awarded a 9i DBA OCP or has she left it too late ? (the key point that while her training was
      pre-retirement her training verification (which is treated as a pseudo exam) was submitted post retirement).

      Case 2:

      Rhys self studied and passed his 1z0-007/031/032/033 exams during 2010; and duly received his 9i DBA OCA certification.
      Rhys gained employment as a DBA at Portmeirion, but was unable to escape to complete any authorized training.
      As Rhys never took any authorized training he was not and has not been awarded a 9i DBA OCP.

      In August 2013 Rhys finally managed to attend a 12c Database new features course as OU ( The general principle is an appropriate 10g/11g DBA OCP training course can be used in place of a 9i course thus is it reasonable such a 12c course would be acceptable. (Generally OK if training version >= certification version and no significant change in product basis (eg OAS to WLS)).

      On 13th September 2013 Rhys submits (or trys to submit) his training (which was taken post 31-Jul-2013) for verification ...
      ...... Will it be accepted and he be awarded a 9i DBA OCP or has he left it too late ?

      Case 3: (id merge):

      Dilbert has completed an authorized WDP 9i training course in July 2009.
      He passed his 1z0-007/031 exams in the rest of 2009 under Oracle Testing Id. OC123456 and was awarded 9i DBA OCA;
      and also submitted his WDP 9i Training course which was approved wrt 9i DBA OCP.
      In 2010 he passed exams 1z0-032 and 1z0-033 under Oracle Testing ID WC987645
      Because the exams were taken under different Oracle Testing Id's he was not and has not been awarded a 9i DBA OCP.

      Let us say on 30sep2013 (after the 31jul2013) Dilbert realizes the exams have been taken on different Id's.
      Will a 9i DBA OCP be awarded after the merge, even though this certification is no longer being offered?


      My suspicion is Oracle will not award certifications for cases (1) and (2); but probably for (3). It may therefore be imperative Candidates get their training register and check on certview that their exams and authorized training are recorded as they expect, and that Oracle take steps to encourage candidates to do this.

      Please also note that the more general case of suggestions of what to do if one has onl partially completed this certification track are discussed on {thread:id=2512700}

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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle
          Actually, certification would be granted for all of those candidates. The exams are retiring and technically the certification paths are retiring, but and the steps for certification are not retiring. That sounds a little confusing, but if a candidate's last step to achieve the 9i certification is a step that has not retired (like a training course, or the course form), then we will grant certification if they complete that step. So all of your scenarios will lead to certification still.

          Brandye Barrington
          Certification Forum Moderator