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    Large Payload Configuration in B2B

      I have set the below mentioned values in B2B Configuration:
      Large Payload Size: 2000
      Large Payload Directory: /tmp

      I have a EDI (846) transaction with multiple ST segments, where transactions (ST segments) can be between 7000 Bytes to 2000 KB in size, after converted to XML by B2B.

      Now i post a payload, the first transaction (ST) segment alone is going to the /tmp location where as the other segments irrespective of the size moves to the destination location as mentioned in the agreement.

      Is this the actual behavior of B2B or am I missing any configuration?
      Please help.


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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle

          Translated payload size is used to determine whether incoming message is large or not, so in your case, any transaction set which has size more than 2000 byte, should be passed as a reference instead of value. If it is not working like this, then it may be a bug. You may like to refer -


          You may raise a SR with support if you think it is working incorrectly. You may also consider forwarding the B2B export and sample payload to my id so that I can cross-verify.