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    Read Specific value/Search Into file

      Hi i need a java code which read specific value from a file.

      I have a text file named data.txt

      it contain :

      Customer Name :Sarwar
      Customer Id : 001
      Product Price :2000

      now how can i take values 001 and 2000 from the file data.txt and save them in a another text file named new_data.txt ?

      Can any one help me?
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          Search Google for 'java file read'. Wanna write to a file? Search for 'java file write'. Ain't Google awesome?

          If you haven't already done so, I suggest you search www.amazon.com for a beginner book on Java that has good reviews. Its much more efficient to read a book on Java than spend countless hours trying to learn it through code examples found on the internet.