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    How to install Oracle SOA suite for study purposes?

      Hi everyone!
      I hope all of you are fine.

      I'm interested in study a little bit of Oracle SOA suite, just to get the basics. I was reading about the installation process which involves:
      1. Install the mighty Oracle DB.
      2. Run Oracle RCU.
      3. Install the Oracle WebLogic Server.
      4. Install and configure the Oracle SOA suite.
      5. Install JDeveloper and the SOA composite editor extension.

      I'm in doubt because I read that Oracle JDeveloper includes a WebLogic server for development, obviously an IDE... I mean the JDeveloper installation program contains everything needed to start the development activities... so I think the above steps are to setup a server and then grant access to it to development machines... am I wrong? what does I need to install to my local pc in order to get a basic working environment to practice Oracle SOA suite? I'm really anxious to write a "Hello world!" with Oracle SOA.

      Thanks in advance!