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    Java e books and materials

      Hi Guys,

      I have started to learn java. I have a good experience in C++ and OO concepts.
      can you suggest me good books for java like ones which teaches you all the concepts(like kernighen/richie for C).
      i was also planning to give my OCJP in sometime. Any help would be of so much importance to me.

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          You might try the java tutorials:


          And the reference:

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            thanks buddy will check that...
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              994189 wrote:
              thanks buddy will check that...
              You caught me in a good mood, normally I would have told you to google it. Which you still should learn to do. Research is 50% of your job description, better get used to it because it never ever ends.
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                If you're looking for good books, I suggest you look for books on www.amazon.com that have good reviews. There is also a question of what books to read in what order. Some of them are necessary for Java development but are not Java. For instance, a book on SQL and database concepts. Assuming your interested in Java web application development and not Java desktop development, I would recommend:

                A book on Java
                Get familiar with compiling and launching java on the command line.
                Download Eclipse IDE and get familiar with it so you don't have to run your code on the command line.
                A book on JSP (its older technology, but a lot of web sites have been created with it and you will probably end up supporting them).
                Read up on SQL and database development (on-line or via a book)
                Read up on JDBC (on-line)
                Install a free database such as Oracle Express or MySQL and get familiar with using their browser utility to create a database schema.
                Read up on Tomcat (on-line)
                Build a web application using JSP, Tomcat, a database that presents a web page to perform basic CRUD operations on a database table(s).
                Read a book on JSF.
                Create the above web site using JSF.