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    Roles not updating in SelectManyShuttle


      We have three tables EMP, EMP_ROLES, ROLES. EMP_ROLES table is the bridge table and contains only the EMP_ID and its linked ROLE_ID's. On our page we have created two tabs through Show detail item, on one tab we can create new users and update existing ones. On the second tab we can search and select users through an ADF output text table and then come back to the first tab and edit them. On the first tab we have a form layout which displays the users details and a SelectManyShuttle to display the selected roles. Now, the application works fine when we open it initially, after searching for a user on the second tab we come back to the first tab and the users details and roles are updated.

      However, once we have saved or deleted some roles for any user i.e. in the EMP_ROLES table, the role shuttle does not update when we navigate from the search tab to the modify tab. If we navigate through the users on the first tab the shuttle works fine, but only when we come back from the search page the shuttle does not get updated and keeps showing the roles of the previous user.

      I am using JDev version

      Can anyone please provide me with any ideas on how to get this resolved?
      Please let me know if any more information is required.

      Thanks in advance!