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    Weblogic shutdown timeout


      I have WAR containing spring (2.5) jobs scheduled using quartz (1.5). This WAR is deployed on weblogic 8.1.
      Within the web.xml, I have a listener which reads the Spring configuration file and starts/schedules the spring jobs.

      The Spring quartz scheduler bean has a property called "waitForJobsToCompleteOnShutdown" which, if set to TRUE, will allow the currently running jobs to complete before spring context is closed.

      The listener has a method "contextDestroyed" which is called when the weblogic graceful shut down is issued. Within this method, I am closing the spring context.

      What I am seeing is that if the currently running job goes beyond weblogic shutdown timeout, then they are killed abruptly. Is there any way to allow the jobs to complete even though they go beyond timeout period?