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    Creation of IPMP Group failure

    Raghu Suresh
      Hi All,

      I used the following commands to create the IPMP Group for 10 Gbe interfaces but it seems to fail:

      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm create-ipmp ipmp1
      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm create-ip net16
      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm create-ip net33
      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm add-ipmp -i net16 -i net33 ipmp1
      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm create-addr -T static -a ebsprdb1-data/16 ipmp1/data1
      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm create-addr -T static -a ebsprdb1-vsw2-test1/16 net16/test
      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm create-addr -T static -a ebsprdb1-vsw3-test1/16 net33/test

      root@ebsprdb1 # cat /etc/hosts
      # Copyright 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved.
      # Use is subject to license terms.
      # Internet host table
      ::1 localhost localhost loghost ebsprdb1.oocep.com ebsprdb1 ebsprdb1-vsw0-test1.oocep.com ebsprdb1-vsw0-test1 ebsprdb1-vsw1-test1.oocep.com ebsprdb1-vsw1-test1 ebsprdb1-data ebsprdb1-vsw2-test1 ebsprdb1-vsw3-test1

      root@ebsprdb1 # ipadm
      ipmp0 ipmp ok -- --
      ipmp0/data1 static ok --
      ipmp1 ipmp ok -- --
      ipmp1/data1 static ok --
      lo0 loopback ok -- --
      lo0/v4 static ok --
      lo0/v6 static ok -- ::1/128
      net14 ip ok ipmp0 --
      net14/test static ok --
      net16 ip failed ipmp1 --
      net16/test static ok --
      net25 ip ok -- --
      net25/v4 static ok --
      net29 ip ok ipmp0 --
      net29/test static ok --
      net33 ip ok ipmp1 --
      net33/test static ok --

      As soon as I add the net16 device to the IPMP group, there is a failure.

      Can anyone please help?