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    Update Statement with left outer join


      i have to update a column in table "a" from table "b" and both of them joined with left outer join
      How can I do this

      Thanks in Advance
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          Please consider the following when you post a question. This would help us help you better

          1. New features keep coming in every oracle version so please provide Your Oracle DB Version to get the best possible answer.

          You can use the following query and do a copy past of the output.
          select * from v$version 
          2. This forum has a very good Search Feature. Please use that before posting your question. Because for most of the questions
          that are asked the answer is already there.

          3. We dont know your DB structure or How your Data is. So you need to let us know. The best way would be to give some sample data like this.
          I have the following table called sales 
          with sales 
                select 1 sales_id, 1 prod_id, 1001 inv_num, 120 qty from dual 
                union all 
                select 2 sales_id, 1 prod_id, 1002 inv_num, 25 qty from dual 
          select * 
            from sales 
          4. Rather than telling what you want in words its more easier when you give your expected output.

          For example in the above sales table, I want to know the total quantity and number of invoice for each product.

          The output should look like this
          Prod_id   sum_qty   count_inv 
          1         145       2 
          5. When ever you get an error message post the entire error message. With the Error Number, The message and the Line number.

          6. Next thing is a very important thing to remember. Please post only well formatted code. Unformatted code is very hard to read.

          Your code format gets lost when you post it in the Oracle Forum. So in order to preserve it you need to
          use the {noformat}
          {noformat} tags. 
          The usage of the tag is like this. 
          <place your code here>
          7. If you are posting a *Performance Related Question*. Please read 
             {thread:id=501834} and {thread:id=863295}. 
             Following those guide will be very helpful.
          8. Please keep in mind that this is a public forum. Here No question is URGENT. 
             So use of words like *URGENT* or *ASAP* (As Soon As Possible) are considered to be rude.