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    Rename network interface

      Hi all, I'm new here and looking for some help.
      I'm looking for the way to rename the network interfaces for Solaris 10. Got a server with 2 network cards (say "igb0" and "igb1") and there were some reasons that I have to swap the pci slots for those cards. However, after I did that, Solaris 10 seems to detect them as new cards and created new names "igb2" and "igb3", which basically screwed up my network settings.

      I prefer to keep my network settings so been trying to find out the way to rename them back to "igb0" and "igb1".

      Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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          Additional information: As I looked up, I saw some additional sub-commands for dladm such as "rename-link", "show-phys", but for some reasons, those are not available on my box.
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            Those are Solaris 11 sub-commands.

            devfsadm will probably help you out.

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              Possible two solutions:
              1. It's easy but require hardware installation/deinstallation and more reboots.
              a. Remove all network cards and boot system
              b. devfsadm -Cv remove links to all devices that currently not present on system
              c. Shutdown system. Install card that should be *0*. Boot system with reconfiguration.
              d. Repeat c for all required network cards.

              2. It's more quickly but more risks.
              You can manual edit file /etc/path_to_inst
              Remove not required device and swap number for required. Reboot system with reconfiguration after this.
              Keep original copy of this file. Some mistake when edit this file can make system unbootable.

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                @Alan, @Nik,
                Thanks for the great information. I'll try it out when I get back to the server and will let you know.
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                  Hi ,

                  I think you should check these files:


                  in my opinion you can copy the IP settings of igb0 and igb1 to igb2 and igb3 and change the above configuration files.

                  DO NOT EDIT THE /etc/path_to_inst MANUALLY.