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    INST-07407:Unable to detect machine platform or JVM bits

      I am trying to install Oracle Forms and Reports 11g R2 on WIndows 7 64 Bit.
      I have installed Java (version Jdk160_24) and Java (version Jdk160_29) in
      C:\Oracle\Middleware directory. Also I have installed Oracle Weblogic Server in
      C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3 (Version Weblogic Server 10.3.5). Also in
      C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_12.1 (Version Weblogic Server 11g).
      I have downloaded Oracle Forms and Reports 11g from Oracle Website.
      When I am trying to run Setup file from Disk 1 it errors during the step of
      'Installation Location' with the following message :
      INST-07407: Unable to Detect machine platofrm or JVM bits.
      Any idea what needs to be done for me to install Oracle Forms 11g in my PC ?
      Thanks your your help guys...
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            Michael Ferrante-Oracle
            I see several potential problems.

            1. Having multiple version of WLS on a Windows machine is probably not a good idea even if it may have been deemed certified by the WLS team (Oracle). On Windows, it is often difficult to use more than one version of any product because of the way the System PATH and other system variables work.

            2. You said "*+I have installed Java (version Jdk160_24) and Java (version Jdk160_29) in C:\Oracle\Middleware directory+*". Why would you have installed any jdk directly into the Oracle directories rather than its default directory? And why would you install more than one version? For the sake of installation, WLS will use the system's default jdk which is generally found in C:\Program Files... etc.. It is important to understand that when you install any jdk, it gets registered into the system and then becomes the "default" jdk for the machine. So installing it into the Oracle directories may not be a good choice. If you want a different version for runtime, you can address that later, but after you successfully complete the installation.

            3. If you are using a 64bit OS then you must use the 64bit version of Forms/Reports 11.1.2 (11gR2). You may have downloaded the wrong version. Also, you will need to use the 64bit WLS and the jdk you installed will also need to be the 64bit version. If you did not do this then this is likely your issue.

            I would recommend starting with a clean environment if possible. If this machine is just for testing and you can remove all the Oracle software you installed, I would suggest doing that. If not, then cleanup may be a little difficult if you are familar with the product installations. In simple terms, here are the basic steps for installing Forms/Reports 11.1.2.x

            I will assume you want the 64bit version:
            <blockquote><li>Refer to the product installation guide and system requirements guides before starting:
            <li>Verify that the machine has a static IP address or has the Windows Loopback Adapter installed and configured.
            <li>Install JDK 1.6.0_43 (64bit). Allow it to install in the default directory
            <li>Download and install the 64bit version of WLS 10.3.5 or 10.3.6 (only choose 10.3.6 is you plan to install Forms/Reports The file you download will likely be a jar file and referred to as "generic" or "generic platform". This is the correct one for use on 64bit platforms.
            <li>Download and install FMw Forms/Reports for Windows 64bit</blockquote>