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      Hi Everyone,

      Am having this problem trying to startup a new connection on my Oracle database 11g sql developer. when i start it up on the VMbox, it starts up but when i try to create a new connection it gives me the below error .

      this is a load down of what i did,
      connection name: myconnection
      Username: ora1
      password: ora1 (saved password)
      Role: default
      Connection type: Basic
      Hostname: localhost
      port: 1521
      SID: XE

      then i got the below error.

      STATUS: FAILURE -TEST FAILED: The network Adapter could not establish the connection

      kindly advice..
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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Ambrose,

          If this is all running inside the VM (maybe you are using one of the Developer Day images under VirtualBox), then it should just work. If The network Adapter could not establish the connection, that might mean the listener did not start for some reason.

          Try running
          lsnrctl status
          from a terminal console and see if it is running or not. If not, try
          lsnrctl start
          SQL Developer Team