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      • 15. Re: Process Usage is at 70% in normal status
        I was just thinking some more about the problem: The SQL Stantement at beginning shows the percentage of the used maximum processes, that Oracle can execute. So i've looked for the processes parameter:
        show parameter processes
        There i've seen that there is a standard parameter configured at 150. And thats shourly not enough, our old database server with Oracle 10g has 5000 configured!

        So i've changed that parameter and everything is fine again!!!
        alter system set processes = 5000 scope=SPFILE;
        Thanks a lot for your helf and that awesome support!

        • 16. Re: Process Usage is at 70% in normal status
          there are 70% of Process usage by 10 Tablespaces at every time
          Honestly I even do not understand that sentence. How do link tablespace and process usage... ? And what is going to the picture the number of processes ? Why 5000 ? How can we ever say that's good or not ?
          Briefly speaking, what's the problem which leads you in creating this thread ?

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