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    OVM 3.2.1 upgrade issues

      Hi all,

      I have upgraded the Oracle VM manager and server from 3.0.3 to 3.2.1. OVM server and manager upgrade ran fine but the guest machine which are created using OVM 3.0.3 versions are hanging. At OVM 3.0.3 while creating a server pool, I used the same OVM server ip address instead of a new virual ip address. When I try to create a server pool with the same ip address I am getting an error like ORMRU_000044E cannot se the virtual IP address because the IP address is already in use of the server. I have tested this on development still facing the same problem. I have tried even upgrading to OVM manager and server to 3.2.2, still it is not allowing me create a server pool with the same OVM server ip address.
      Please let me know if anyone faced the same problem. I have 7 different OVM 3.0.3 production servers with critical guest machines running. I used RAW disk space of the server to create the virtual machines.