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    Creating Domain Failed - Oracle Form & Reports

      I am as frustrated as a person can be. I have been trying to install Oracle Forms & Reports for 2 weeks now with no success. I have tried both 64-bit and 32-bit and neither has worked. I made a 32-bit vmware template so I am going to stay with 32-bit. I shall list my installed software and hopefully someone can shed some light on this extremely irritating process of installing Oracle Forms & Reports.

      Windows 2008 Standard SP2 32-bit
      Java - jdk-6u33-windows-i586.exe (installed in c:\Java)
      WLS - wls1036-oepe-indigo-installer-
      Oracle Forms & Reports - (yes x86 version)

      I have tried over 20 times and it still hangs on 'Creating Domain'.

      A resolution to this issue would be GREATLY appreciated.

      Many thanks in advance,
      Mike LaPorta