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    problem in C code of pre-operation plug-in

      Hello All,

      I am working on Sun One DS pre-operation Password capturing plug-ins, and I want to put this password to Websphere MQ server using MQ client.

      1.     Our sample C program of MQ code(MQ CONNX->MQOPEN->MQPUT) is working alone properly from MQ client to MQ Server.
      2.     But when I append this MQ code in slapi code this is failed at MQ PUT without throwing any MQ Reason errors and DS server stopped.
      3.     At MQ server end we are getting:
      An error occurred receiving data from SERVER, AMQ9999: Channel program ended abnormally.

      Version details are:
      DS:- Sune One DS 5.2,
      MQ: Websphere MQ fix pack
      OS: Solaris 10 (64 bit) using SPARC

      Note:- Same code is working fine on Windows environment.
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          todd grayson - oracle
          I'm not sure I have a direct answer to your question, I am not aware of an issue in that area. The support organization does not handle custom plugin dev issues. Perhaps someone writing pre-op plugins on solaris can comment.

          When you re-compiled your plugin for solaris did you use everything from the solaris release of the DSRK LDAP c sdk (headers) or did perhaps windows instances of the headers files (and the windows LDAP C SDK) get pulled over?

          Perhaps there is variation in the invocation between windows platform and Solaris that is not being handled the same way? Or perhaps you are passing arguments that require escaping (such as path) that need to be fixed to be handled properly on solaris?

          This is your reference library for legacy 5.2 DS, including the plugin API programmers reference and plugin guide.