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    Issues with Exam Retirements Page at at date of post.

      I have the following issues with the retirements page at the time of this post:


      [1] Serious (well sort of serious; however many things in life are far more important):

      Retiring exam -> Replacement exam
      1Z0-032 Oracle9i Database: Fundamentals II     July 31, 2013     1Z0-052 Database 11g: Administration I or 1Z0-042 Database 10g: Administration I

      Really wrong:

      1z0-032 is part of the set of two exams (1z0-032 + 1z0-033) to go from 9i DBA OCA to 9i DBA OCP
      1z-052 is the 11g DBA OCA main exam.

      1z0-053 (main exam wrt 11g DBA OCP) is essentially sort of equivalent to 1z0-032 + 1z0-033 (main exam wrt 9i DBA OCP ).

      [2] While 1z0-007; 1z0-147 and 1z0-151 are effectively true replacement exams (sort of plug in/out replaceable mix and match); 1z0-031/2/3 are not quite so replaceable in the same way and mixing and matching exams from different series 1z0-03x; 1z0-04x; 1z0-05x would not be acceptable from a certification pre-requisite viewpoint .... though urchins may try to claim this through page 206.
      ( I dont do hyperion so I cant comment .... and of course R.I.P. OAS and netbeans).

      [3] This page shows only recent retirements. It would be nice if it linked to a page showing all retirements ( thought probably only for me).