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    Error with @XWRITE function in Hyperion

      Hi people, it would be great if someone can help us with the following issue:

      We have two environments: DEV (with Hyperion version and PRD (with version We migrated all artifacts to PRD and we have some problems with @XWRITE and @XREF functions.

      We have two applications, in the first (only one cube) we calculate some business concepts and then we need to send this information to a the other application (three dbs), and for that we use XWRITE function.

      The scripts has the following code:

      *FIX(@IDESCENDANTS("YearTotal"), "Ppto", "VTbj", &AnioPpto, "NA_DIA", {TIENDAS}, "NA_PRODUCTO")*
      *@XWRITE("ECAL", ErVtas, &AnioPpto, "PptoAD", "VTbjTD", "PORCENTAJE%", "PEN", "TNDA");*

      Location Alias and other settings are exactly the same in DEV and PRD. In DEV it works perfectly, we have no problem. But in PRD the excecution throws us the following error in the essbase log files:

      [Mon Mar 18 15:46:49 2013]Local/VTA/VENTAS/admin@Native Directory/6568/Info(1012668)
      Calculating [ Cuenta(ECAL)] with fixed members [Periodo(Ene, Feb, Mar, Abr, May, Jun, Jul, Ago, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dic, YearTotal); Version(VTbj); Escenario(PPTO); Dia(NA_DIA); Anio(FY12); Producto(NA_PRODUCTO); Entidad(T102001)]

      [Mon Mar 18 15:46:49 2013]Local/VTA/VENTAS/admin@Native Directory/6568/Info(1012677)
      Calculating in serial

      [Mon Mar 18 15:46:50 2013]Local/VTA/VENTAS/admin@Native Directory/6568/Error(1200511)
      Incorrect connection specification - remote server configuration type does not match the local type

      [Mon Mar 18 15:46:50 2013]Local/VTA/VENTAS/admin@Native Directory/6568/Error(1200467)
      Error executing formula for [ECAL]: status code [1200511] in function [@_XWRITE]

      [Mon Mar 18 15:46:50 2013]Local/VTA/VENTAS/admin@Native Directory/6568/Warning(1080014)
      Transaction [ 0x40010( 0x51477d39.0x7d000 ) ] aborted due to status [1200511].

      Does anyone knows the cause of this error?

      Thanks in advance and regards,