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    Error... Installing DSEE -  Failed to connect to "localhost:389"

      Hi all, I'm installing DSEE by the documentation given at [Oracle Documentation| http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29127_01/doc.111170/e28973/installing--dsee.html]

      Then I got the error when I executed following command.

      C:\ofm_odsee_win_11.\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin> dsconf set-plugin-prop dssnmp argument:on argument:3995

      Failed to connect to "localhost:389".
      Make sure server is up and running.
      The "set-plugin-prop" operation failed on "localhost:389".

      However when i run the dsccagent info command the output is as follows -

      C:\ofm_odsee_win_11.\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\bin>dsccagent info

      Instance Path : C:\ofm_odsee_win_11.\ODSEE_ZIP_Distribution\sun-dsee7\dsee7\var\dcc\agent
      JMX port : 3997
      SNMP port : 3996
      DS port : 3995
      State : Running
      PID : 1724
      DSCC hostname : WIN-3MIAU5A4G2O
      DSCC non-secure port : 3998
      DSCC secure port : 3999
      SNMP v3 : Disabled
      Instance version : A-A00

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