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    Unable to connect to Database Error in FDM application creation

      Hi All,

      I have Installed Financial Data Quality Management in my machine. Database [Oracle 11g R2 64 bit] and client[Oracle client 32 bit] also installed in the same machine.
      We selected the following components while installing Oracle client[Custom installation],

      Oracle Objects for OLE
      Oracle Data Provider for .NET
      Oracle Providers for ASP.NET
      Oracle Provider for OLEDB

      Complete the install.

      When I tried to create FDM application it throws me the following error. Unable to connect to Database. Please check the database information and verify the database is accessible.
      Kindly guide me to overcome this issue.

      Thanks and Regards
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          Madhu. Meesala

          Hi Sai,

          first of all, you have posted FDM issue in Essbase forum. Thats the reason you didn't get replies to this issue.


          To resolve this, we need to Oracle Client 32 bit first then Oracle Client 64 bit.

          Install Oracle Clients completly. (As per documentation, we need to install Clients completly. Means choose Administrator, not instant client and custom)


          After installing also if get same error, Goto Environment variables, Edit PATH variable and copy the 32 bit Client path to the first in the PATH variable.

          Then reboot the Server and try again to create FDM application.