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    M5000 and their sound

      Hi , simple question: we have 7 M5000 in the racks and standing between them we have to say they are producing a lot of very noisy sounds.
      Is this only from the running fans and disks ? Or should we call the service to check. I have to they since we have them they had this sound , so no changes at all.

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          If you have MOS credentials to log a SR, then do that. You will then get some peace of mind.

          You could also go to the system's documentation and review the specifications with regards to normal sound levels.
          The informati9on might be there, somewhere.

          Lastly, with MOS credentials, you can examine the System Handbook site for that platform and see if they've included a general specifications page that describes the expected sound level output for the design (then go buy a sound level meter to actually take readings of what your system is producing).

          Link to that System Handbook (available only with a CSI login):

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            I have an account for MOS and already reading the system hand book, but there is nothing mentioned so far about the sound pressure. I saw in a data sheet there i smentioned 60db, which is less then we have I think. I will open a SR to get a clarification, thanks
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              Cannot forward it as it does not set the "operating system " correct , error in MOS, I could store it : Draft SR 3-6950071511 has been saved successfully
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                These forums are NOT Oracle's technical support.
                That is deliberate.
                These are Community user-to-user forums.
                The SR number means nothing here.

                Although it may eventually be nice if you post the results of whatever you might learn, you now need to communicate only with them.
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                  thanks , the answer was that the fan's are running with ~10.000rpm and this makes the sound
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                    Possible temperature at you server room to high.

                    See: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19580-01/821-2797-10/21ch4p.html

                    Your server will not so noise if you decrease temperature below 23 C.

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                      The room is clima controlled so that was not the problem, but thanks for mentioning.
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                        Fuat M
                        I have face with this problem before. If one of your Power supplies fails, than Fans start working more speedy. Could you please check your PS ?
                        Another reason is that you need to setup altitude of system from XSCF. Calculate the altitude with smartphone (there are apps for this) than apply it to xscf. (set altitude or similar command exist)
                        I hope it helps.