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    Column Headers repeating in Oracle Reports 10g

      Dear All,

      I'm using Report Builder

      I am creating a report which generates the data to a PDF/CSV based on users Input.When I create the report using Report Builder and execute the report,Delimited data appears in a PDF layout.

      But if I add the below code in After Parameter Form trigger,the column headers keeps repeating with the data.


      function AfterPForm return boolean is
                :MODE :='DEFAULT';
           Elsif :P_DESTYPE = 'PDF' THEN
                :DESTYPE := 'CACHE';
           END IF;
           return (TRUE);

      Output :

      LOGON;NAME;START_TIME;END_TIME;NO_OF_LINES;ORDER_NO;NO_OF_CASES     007354;Alex Wheelhouse;01-JAN-2013 22:16:30;01-JAN-2013 22:25:28;8;6083885;70     
      LOGON;NAME;START_TIME;END_TIME;NO_OF_LINES;ORDER_NO;NO_OF_CASES     116529;Ramlal Vara;01-JAN-2013 22:20:38;01-JAN-2013 22:37:18;10;6083886;65     
      LOGON;NAME;START_TIME;END_TIME;NO_OF_LINES;ORDER_NO;NO_OF_CASES     007412;Jack Lisemore;01-JAN-2013 23:27:34;01-JAN-2013 23:33:41;2;6083911;40     
      LOGON;NAME;START_TIME;END_TIME;NO_OF_LINES;ORDER_NO;NO_OF_CASES     007373;Gary Henson;01-JAN-2013 23:35:15;01-JAN-2013 23:47:59;3;6083912;80     
      LOGON;NAME;START_TIME;END_TIME;NO_OF_LINES;ORDER_NO;NO_OF_CASES     220368;Gary Owens;01-JAN-2013 23:36:11;01-JAN-2013 23:49:05;6;6083913;69     

      But the PDF output seems fine where the header is shown only once.I could see many posts regarding this in Oracle reports 6i wherein delimited_hdr=no is used in Command Line but I would like to know the work around in Oracle reports 10g.

      Thanks for the support in advance.