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    OVM 3 Generic Storage Plugin. Acess Group configuration causes server crash

      Our iSCSI management is currently entirely done manually at the servers console, because we still don't have a SAN Equallogic storage plugin.

      At OVM Manager interface, what we thought being just useless in our case (SAN Access Group), is the actual iSCSI connection (and disconnection..) management for servers.

      Following the upgrade to 3.2.1, setting up the SAN did nothing more than what we do manually. But undoing part of it caused the crash.

      All over OVM Manager, any operation/setup that could impact running VMs is denied... Except there, at the real root of everything.

      Removing a iSCSI initiator from that panel disconnects abruptly the iSCSI disk, !!!! without warning !!!!.
      Then, after the 60s timetout, the physical server reboots.

      It is still not clear if we get a benefice to setup that "Access Group" of the SAN or not. At least, once setup, we know that we'd better keep it...